Friday, November 28, 2014


Okay. I waited to show you this because I just couldn't put it on paper while my little man was going through the healing process. At the beginning of the month, my baby (12-year-old) boy was hit by a car. It was a horrible feeling not knowing if he was going to be okay or not while he had to lay still on the side of the road. But, we were blessed, and I still thank God every day, that Daniel came away with only bumps, bruises, and a big patch of road rash! He was stiff for days, but the only complaint he has now almost three weeks later is that his knee still hurts.

So...what do I want to show you? Natural healing, my friend (and some ugly photos).

At the hospital, the doctor told me to get a triple antibiotic ointment, but make sure it doesn't contain neomycin because many people have an allergic reaction from that particular ingredient. Or at least I think that's the one he said, because I truthfully stopped listening after "ointment" since I knew I wasn't getting an over-the-counter product anyway. We haven't purchased anything like that since my (WONDERFUL) doctor introduced us to the toxins in our home in the products we had been trusting blindly for years. That has been over a year ago.

Ready for day 1 photos?

Here is the road rash on day one just hours after the initial incident:

Here he is on day 6, very nicely scabbed over:

This is the day after Thanksgiving (22 days later):

Notice, there's barely a scar (which he was kind of upset about. One shouldn't go through getting hit by a car without a scar)!

This is healing the natural way! All I did was to put a layer of homemade first aid ("Neosporin") cream on his back daily and cover it with non-stick pads. Once it formed the scabs, I stopped. The recipe was easy to make and I just happened to have some on hand. You can go here to get the recipe for yourself. I haven't yet shown the author the results, but I'm going to do so. And, guess side effects!

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