Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day Zero Progress, May 29, 2013 (Day 45)

Anything with no writing beside it means I've done nothing towards that goal yet.
1 Buy a Minivan
2 Travel to Hawaii
3 Paint the boy's room
4 Make $400 in one month doing consignment sales - Sold 4 items this week.  I'll have to recalculate from this time last month and find the total.
5 Listen to the entire bible - We have heard through 1 Kings 7...several days behind schedule, though.
6 Travel to Key West
7 South Carolina Beach Vacation
8 Find a new church - Done!
9 Trip to Washington D.C
10 Make a quilt for David - bought most of the material. Have the pattern planned.
11 Make a quilt for Daniel - bought most of the material. Have the pattern planned.
12 Make a quilt for Benjamin  - bought most of the material. Have the pattern planned.
13 Make a quilt for Simon  - bought most of the material. Have the pattern planned.
14 Make a quilt for me
15 Make a Star Trek Blanket
16 Get a new best friend - I found someone who needs a friend as badly as I do. I've been helping her through rough times and we have several things in common.  I thought she might be this person for me. I realized on Memorial Day, after she cancelled our plans again, although for valid reasons, that she just doesn't have any emotional cash to spend on anyone else at this time. It's okay...we've all been in that place at one point, I think. My husband's a great best friend, I just want some girl time sometimes. It's okay...God will give me what I need instead of what I want.
17 Do a 10 day juice fast
18 Read 10 books - Read Odd Hours by Dean Koontz, working on Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Kahless, and Frankenstein.
19 Make Benjamin's baby scrapbook
20 Do some volunteer work
21 Visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery TENNESSEE
22 Take a free online class
23 Host a board games night
24 Host my poker party
25 Host a Star Trek party
26 Learn 50 new things by clicking the random articles button on Wikipedia
  1. 2010 AMJ Campbell Shorty Jenkins Classic
27 Start a compost bin
28 Identify 100 things that make me happy - the list is up to 67 currently (that sounds right, anyway).
29 Go horseback riding
30 Get down to a healthy weight - eating better
31 Reverse-pickpocket someone
32 Find 12 Free things to do with the kids locally
33 Get or buy storage units for the basement
34 Organize the basement - moved freezer around, moved tables, and emptied clothing bins Sunday
35 Don't speak a single word for a day
36 Create 100 Note Cards to sell - Made 8 so far
37 Become debt free - Paid off the truck last week!  Yay!
38 Become a published author
39 Go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras
40 Become a millionaire - Still buying lottery tickets...nothing to invest yet.
41 Spend Christmas in a mountain cottage
42 Learn sign language - I know the alphabet.
43 Take a painting class
44 Build Lego displays for my cabinet
45 Get the entire 1976 Star Trek card and sticker set - Have one sticker and 1/4 of the cards.
46 Go on a spa retreat weekend
47 Attend a couples retreat
48 Get a degree
49 Learn the piano
50 Donate blood again
51 Attend an opera
52 Send something to someone I love monthly
  1. May - Mother's Day Cards to Grandmothers and Aunts
53 Join a church group
54 Go camping - Made a reservation to camp with the Boy Scouts
55 Make a will
56 Send flowers to my mother and sisters for no reason
57 Get the teapot to go with my dinnerware set
58 Get a big screen tv
59 Create and sell one or more comic book furniture pieces - pulled up a shelf and bought some frames and outlet covers.
60 Take the kids to the Space Museum
61 Have $3,000 in a savings account - $5
62 Complete 24 Swap-bot Swaps - 3 are now under my belt; joined another.
Joined - May the Fourth Be With Us! - Sending on May 17/18
  1. Lego Photo Scavenger Hunt - April 30
  2. 101 Things Progress - April 2013 - April 27
  3. Lego Minifigure - May 11
  4. May the 4th Be With Us! - May 27
  5. 101 Things Progress - May 2013 (presently completing)
63 Read 10 classics I should have read but have never got around to
  1. Reading Frankenstein
64 Have dessert before dinner at a restaurant - I had dessert AS dinner when I took my aunt to the doctor's office with mom.  We didn't get to eat lunch until 3:00 p.m. so I didn't want to eat again at 5:00, but I knew I needed something or I'd be starving at we got yogurt at Menchi's. Yum!
65 Perform 5 random acts of kindness  - 2 done...Bought lunch for the car behind me at the drive-thru, took homemade chicken and dumplings to a sick friend.
66 Go barefoot for a whole day - Done!
67 Learn a new word every day for a month
68 Get rid of 100 things - Send 46 items to the donation center Saturday, two weeks ago. Took two bags of items yesterday. I'm up to 89.
69 Compliment someone everyday for 10 days straight
70 Bake something new each month
  1. May - Potluck Chicken Tetrazinni
  2. May - Asparagus Casserole
71 Memorize the presidents in order
72 Get my handwriting analyzed
73 Complete a daily challenge every day for one year - 196 day streak!
74 Go to 5 different museums
75 Go vegetarian for a week
76 Scan and print photos to replace kids artwork in albums - Did several from a box I went through.
77 Create family recipe book with sisters
78 Organize the files on my computer
79 Print out photos and organize for scrapbooking
80 Private - Waiting
81 Decorate my house like I really want it to be
82 Finish all sewing repairs
83 Finish Final Fantasy 8
84 Start and Finish a journal - Worked on third page....moving very slowly!
85 Listen to 26 bands I’ve never heard of, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet
  • A - Angelle, Lisa - Country - ***
  • E - Eager - Rock - *** 1/2

86 Win a contest - Entered two...didn't win either.
87 Learn to play the Star Trek CCG Game - Got more cards!
88 Get Benjamin potty trained - starting leaving him in big boy underwear during the day. Washing a whole lot of laundry!
89 Make my wardrobe mine
90 Buy a house
91 Serve Thanksgiving dinner as a family at KARM
92 Attend the gym at least twice a week
93 Drink 4 big glasses of water daily for one month
94 Watch 10 documentary films
95 Tip a server $100
96 Buy another coffee pot with automatic off - Did this Sunday!
97 Go to the Egyptian restaurant in Knoxville
98 Open Benjamin's Savings Account...contribute to all three
99 Find ways to declutter house - Emptied two bins of clothes in the basement when we changed from winter to summer clothes in our drawers.
100 Pull all non-Lego Brand blocks out of collection
101 Grow a Big Flower Garden - Asked husband to make me a plot.

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